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NC Governor Pat McCrory signed legislation that calls for schools to award college credit for prior experience and training. Click here to read the full press release on legislation.


Starting in December, private organizations, branch aid societies, and spouses' clubs open up their scholarships. Check back to our FUNDING page starting in December.

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We are looking for stories of current military spouse students who are engulfed in the day to day madness of balancing school & life. Check out our "Contact Us" tab and submit your story


The Antics of a Non-Traditional Student,  by Bianca Strzalkowski, Contributor to the Huffington Post.

College looks much different to me today than when I was 19, rolling out of my dorm room just in time for class and eating Pop Tarts for dinner. My biggest responsibility back then was getting to the dining hall before they stopped serving tacos. Today, I am slow crawling my way through my senior year of school, after a decade of balancing academics around life happening.  Read More

Ensuring Military Spouses Get the Education They Want and Deserve by Bianca Strzalkowski, Contributor to the Huffington Post.
In 1999, as an energetic teenager, I started college in New Jersey. At the time, my now-husband was going through boot camp and his initial training in the Marine Corps. My desire to be where his boots were planted led me to a second college, just a year later. The rest of my educational story sounds the same, transfer upon transfer because of military moves or dropping a semester entirely because of life happening.  Read More

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DOD Military Spouse Symposium

Washington DC

December 2, 2014

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Blue Star Networks Live! event

Washington DC

December 2, 2014 (immediately following DOD Symposium)

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Spouse Experience by SpouseBuzz

San Antonio, TX

January 23, 2015

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